Cahaba Brewery

Cahaba Brewery is one of our go-to weekend spots with Kerm. Cahaba has a large indoor space that has plenty of seating, and games like fooseball, skee-ball, Jumbo Jenga, and a great variety of board games (our favorite is old school Battleship). Outside there is patio space, and Cahaba frequently has different food trucks for lunch and dinner.

I’m not a huge beer person, but I’ve definitely branched out since moving to Birmingham because they have so many local breweries. My favorite Cahaba beer is their American Blonde Ale; it’s light and refreshing. I’m also a huge sucker for anything seasonal. Their summer seasonal beer is the Kiwi Kolsch which is a bit more fruity, and I do love fruity beers. The last time we went, Phil got their seasonal Mimosa IPA and said it was his new favorite, while Kermit sticks to dog beer.

Cahaba allows dogs inside and out, which we love. Since dogs can come inside we’ve been coming here the most-it’s great knowing that no matter what the weather, Kermit can be comfortable too. Cahaba also sells dog treats behind the bar. Cahabones are some of Kermit’s favorite treats. Cahabones uses quality, local, ingredients to make delicious dog treats.  They have many flavors, including seasonal ones like blueberry coconut for the summer, but the peanut butter bacon is Kermit’s favorite.

kermit cahaba
Excuse me, bartender? I’ll take some treats please!

Cahaba hosts so many fun events throughout the year! From Pup Crawls, Halloween Costume Contests, Food Truck Rallies, Holiday Bazaars, Beer, Bands, and Bullies, there really is something for everyone. So bring your pup and come on down to Cahaba for a drink and a treat!

5 thoughts on “Cahaba Brewery

    1. Yeah one brewery stopped letting them inside and it sucks. We stopped going cause it’s way too hot. Kermit LOVES Bowser Beer. You can get it online but also the dog food truck carries it. He likes it over ice OR sometimes mixed in his food.


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