*New Post* Chicken Pot Pie

I started this blog because I wanted to create a space to share tips, stories, and recommendations. I love meeting new people and sharing ideas and inspiration.

Kermit’s Corner is all things dog! I have some of my favorite recipes for dog treats and meals, a list and reviews of dog friendly places in Birmingham Midland; basically anything that has to do with dogs would be in here.

I Love It is a collection of things I love. It’s full of everything from skin care to household supplies. I love finding new products and sharing recommendations with friends so anything having to do with that would be in here.

Home Improvement is where I store and share tips and tricks on how we’ve done simple home projects. I love figuring out new, budget-friendly ways to update our house so here would be where we can talk about that!

Book Club is where I share and keep a record of books. I’m always looking for new reads, and I sometimes forget what I’ve read and what I’ve liked (or not liked). So here is a place to discuss those good reads!

Food Stuffs is where I share anything food related. I realized that I had more to share than I thought, and it doesn’t all fit under the “I Love It” category, so I made a new one. Enjoy!

So pour some wine and make yourself at home!

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