Petit Vour

Once I started thinking more about cruelty free products, I turned immediately to my skin care. I know that industry can be awful for testing on animals, but also has made strides in the right direction. I wanted to try out some cruelty free products to see what is out there; I also love getting presents in the mail! So finding Petit Vour Beauty Box was like hitting the jackpot!

Petit Vour Beauty box is similar to Birchbox, only every single thing is cruelty free! You get four-five samples per month, it costs about $18 a month and I get a box at the end of every month. You start by filling out a beauty profile of your hair and skin type, what things you like, etc, so that they know how best to fill your boxes. You get a mix of small samples as well as full size samples. Some months are better than others but overall I always find something great each time.

This was my July box:

Here is what I got in this month’s box of goodies!

face wipes

These face wipes smell so good! I usually save wipes like these for travel, but sometimes I use them at home to take my make up off before I wash my face. They are really cooling and make my skin feel clean afterwards!

rose water

So this is my second rose water sample I’ve gotten this summer and I don’t hate it. I use this as a toner after I wash my face and it feels so clean and smells so good! This one feels less “zingy” than my last sample and more hydrating. I also stuck it in my backpack to cool off after a sweaty hike-so refreshing!


I’ve also been getting a lot of oil samples recently, and I’ve started to really love them! This essential hydrating oil is different in that it has a roll on applicator, which I really like. It says that reduces fine lines and wrinkles; the jury’s still out on those claims, but I use it as a moisturizer at night or occasionally just around my eyes or dry patches. So far, I’m loving it; it smells good and is definitely hydrating. It’s also good to toss in my pool bag as a facial moisturizer after showering off that chlorine.

lip cheek color

I love this lip and cheek set! The colors are so fun and so cool for summer! I like that it’s a small sample so I can try it out first, especially since it’s a bit more bold than I usually go for. I also like that they can double as cheek or lip stain-I’m all about efficiency. The color stayed on my lips well without being too much. I don’t love that you can’t close the samples after you open them. I “clipped” one shut with bobby pins though and put it in my purse which seemed to work fine.

I feel like I’m treating myself when I get fun samples of things I wouldn’t normally buy and I like the surprise of not knowing exactly what I’ll get. If you find something you really love, you sometimes get deals or a free gift from the company if you end up buying the full size product. I don’t think I’d buy anything from this particular box (maybe the facial oil), but I would from some others I’ve received. I also love that it’s 100% cruelty free! So check out Petit Vour Beauty Box and get yourself some presents in the mail!


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