Miss American Pie


Miss American Pie by Margaret Sartor is one of my all time favorite books. It’s my go-to for an easy summer read. Miss American Pie is a bit different than my usual favorite because it’s a memoir. It’s based on the author’s life growing up in Louisiana in the 1970s. Sartor uses her old diary entries to craft a narrative about life from the point of view of a girl growing into a young woman.

Miss American Pie starts when Sartor is about 12 years old, and ends as she finishes up high school. I love that as readers we get to see first hand how the writing changes as she grows up. You can definitely tell that the perspectives are from a young person-because they are. I love reading her authentic thoughts while also getting a glimpse into how parts of life were different in the 70s.

I feel like this book is completely relatable to anyone who has grown up. Sartor writes about body image, her relationship with God and her experiences in the Bible Belt, friendships, and, of course, boys. Though the time period is different, the situations she dealt with are very relevant in 2019-wondering if a boy will ever call, analyzing why a good friend said something hurtful, questioning your place in the world.

I love how this book illustrates how growing up is a universal phenomenon and we really aren’t all that different. Many of the teenage wisdoms Sartor writes are similar to my own diaries from my high school years.

IMG_6009Wine Pairing: Bull Run Chardonnay

This book is like coming home to me and I end up reading it almost every summer. It’s a quick read and parts of it always stick with me.

I chose this wine because it also feels like home to me. Bull Run Winery is next to the Manassas Battlefield Park. It has amazing wines and gorgeous views. There are pieces of history from the Civil War that you can view in the tasting room, an outdoor patio area, and plenty of picnic space. This is my favorite winery in Virginia and I definitely miss being so close. I ordered several bottles of my favorite wine to enjoy here in west Texas.

This chardonnay is very oaky-I love love love an oaky chardonnay. It’s a buttery, rich wine. I love it in the summer (and fall, and winter, and spring). Cheers!


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