Brew Street Bakery


Kermit and I discovered a gem in Midland! That gem is Brew Street Bakery. It is a coffee shop and bakery that also offers a lunch and dinner menu (their flatbreads are to die for) and brunch on the weekends. Brew Street is ultimately a coffee shop, but they serve wine and beer, which makes it an excellent, versatile place for your caffeine and alcohol needs.

Dogs are not allowed inside (like most places) however, there is a large patio out back where they are welcome. Since it’s so hot here in the summer we’ve only been once for brunch, but in the evenings it’s nice enough to be outside.

90020db2-8deb-4bd5-ada7-d03fa84d741eWe went for Mother’s Day and I got an egg scramble with cheese and potatoes that a lucky little boy was able to sample. Overall, Brew Street is affordable with good food and drinks. It’s perfect for a quick brunch or coffee date, but it’s also nice to go in the evenings and wine down with a drink. When he’s not begging for food, Kermit loves to lay by the entrance and judge other patrons.

This place is great for a casual night (or morning) out and I love that we found somewhere fairly close where we can bring Kerm. Our biggest challenge still remains bringing him out with us in the summer heat, so we’re hoping there will be an indoor, air conditioned option coming soon. (Bham breweries we miss you!)


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