Doggie Seatbelt


kermit seatbelt and bed

When we first adopted Kermit, one of my main concerns was his car safety. We go on a lot of road trips to visit my husband’s family in Tennessee and my family in Northern Virginia so we spend lots of time in the car, and I want Kermit to be safe and comfortable. I figured the best way to ensure his safety in the car was some sort of harness or dog seatbelt. I searched around and finally landed on Sleepypod.

Sleepypod makes a variety of dog seatbelt harnesses, as well as dog carriers for smaller dogs to ride safely in the car, or even take in airplanes! Sleepypod designed a a PPRS (Pet Passenger Restraint System) to ensure that every harness or carrier will safely restrain the dog and keep them safe in a crash. They test their harnesses and carriers to the same standards that are in place for child safety restraints. Watch a video of their crash test here.

We chose the Sleepypod Clickit Sport Harness for Kermit. It’s so easy to use in any car and it can also double as a walking harness if you want.

Once you buckle it on, there are two handles on the sides. When your dog is sitting in the car, take the seatbelt, loop it through the handles, and click it in like you normally would.

Kermit can sit up and put his chin out the window, or he can lay down. Kermit loves his seatbelt and knows that he’s usually going somewhere fun when we get it out. He wags his tail and puts his paws through the loops right away. Luckily, we’ve never gotten into an accident, but I feel so much better knowing that Kermit is safe and secure in the backseat.

If you want more information check out the Center for Pet Safety. Safe travels!


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