Flight Savers

Ugh I hate flying. Just something about hurling through the air in a metal tube freaks me out. But sometimes flying is the easiest way to get somewhere, especially if I’m only going for a short time.

Whenever I fly I try not to check bags because I just don’t trust airlines to competently get my stuff where I’m going without losing or breaking it. It’s also much quicker going through the airport without having to go through baggage claim. So this means I have to take all my skin care and hair products in my carry on, which can be difficult. I’ve found two products I LOVE that are perfect for sticking in a carry on and can take you through a weekend without needing all your beauty products.Argan Oil

This is my all time favorite go-to product that really does it all. It’s only 1.7 fl oz so you’re good to take it in a carry on. I put some on a cotton ball to remove makeup, I use a small drop at night as a moisturizer on my face. I’ve really noticed a difference, especially in winter, in how my skin feels after I wake up. It’s much more hydrated and smooth. Usually I do this after my serum but when traveling I don’t pack everything and just go straight to the oil. After I wash my hair I rub a small amount into my hair when it’s wet to help tame frizz. I even use this as a whole body moisturizer if I don’t want to pack my lotion. A little goes a long way! You don’t need to use a lot and the bottle lasts a long time.

Argan oil is popping up everywhere and can be expensive, but you can find this at Trader Joe’s for only $6.99 which is a pretty good deal.

Lip and cheek color

I’m fairly minimalist in the makeup department, especially when I travel. So for me a lip and cheek color is perfect to stick in my purse and use throughout a weekend when I’m away.

I got this in a recent Petit Voir Beauty Box and love it! It’s a pink lip/cheek stain that I use for day or night. Sometimes I wear it underneath some gloss for a more polished look. It’s $22 which is pricey but it’s $18 a month for a box and I got a full sized sample.

There you have it. The easiest things to pack for minimalist beauty when traveling. What are your travel beauty hacks?

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