Ask Again, Yes

ask again yes

I read this book earlier this summer and I couldn’t put it down! Ask Again, Yes, by Mary Beth Keane, tells the story of Kate and Peter, two kids who grew up together in the suburbs outside of NYC. Both of their fathers are newly sworn in police officers who end up moving onto the same street to start their families. Readers get to know life through Kate and Peter’s parents, and eventually, through Kate and Peter.

This book spans several decades and readers get to see Kate and Peter grow up and how their relationship changes. Shifting perspectives describes events from different character’s points of view. While this has been a fairly popular trend recently, I still enjoyed getting to see events through different eyes. Ask Again, Yes relies on characters to drive the plot. I got to know each character and wanted to know what happened to them  next and how their life turns out. I enjoyed the fact that it spanned such a long period of time because I was so invested in the characters and their lives; this was a story of how ordinary lives unfold. I could relate in many ways to how the characters friendships grew and how they all loved each other. Part of what makes this book great is the ordinary-ness of it, you will recognize these characters and get to know them.

I really enjoyed this book and read through it quickly.

IMG_8180Wine Pairing: Pasqua Pino Grigio Delle Venezie

This is a light, everyday wine, which I thought would pair nicely with this book about everyday people. It is crisp and fresh, just right for this late September weather too (we are still getting highs in the 90s here in Texas-ugh!). You can pick this up at a grocery store for about $10.


*As an aside, I really do miss having a Trader Joe’s nearby! It was my go-to wine spot and I’ve yet to find anything that comes close. We only have H.E.B. grocery stores here and while everyone in Texas seems to love them, I’m just not on board. You really can’t beat Trader Joe’s seasonal items and their cheap, delicious wines!


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