The Blue Door


I’ve been dying to try this place out for weeks! Buuuut being currently pregnant and with a one year old running almost running around has been kind of cramping my style. We were finally able to make it out for a date night, and of course we took Kermit with us. There are significantly less places to take him in Midland than in Birmingham (especially in this heat!) so he’s been feeling kind of left out lately. The Blue Door is 100% dog friendly and we were so happy we got to bring him along!

IMG_7318The Blue Door is a bar located off Garfield Street in Midland (same area as Brew Street Bakery). It has Tuesday-Saturday happy hour from 4-7 with specials on wine, beer, and cocktails, as well as Girls Night Out drink specials on Thursdays. (They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.) The Blue Door has a patio in back with cute lights and where dogs are more than welcome! Their menu is appetizers (flat breads, dips, etc). While we didn’t order any food, I was pleasantly surprised to receive complimentary pretzels and warm nuts after we got our drinks. Phil got an Old Fashioned, and I just got some sparkling water-made a bit more fancy with a nice glass, environmentally friendly straw, and a lime. It was nice to feel a bit festive on a night out even when I wasn’t drinking.

The patio has waiter service and Kermit was immediately welcomed. Our server brought him water, and there is also a self-serve water station outside so I could refill for him as needed. Kermit spent most of his time trying to finagle foods from the table behind us, and getting pets from the wait staff. They even had treats for him!

We had a great night out at The Blue Door and I’m excited to go back when I can enjoy some of their cocktails for myself!


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