L&M Leggings

get active 2

So I realized it’s been way too long since I’ve done an “I Love It” post. One of the things that I love most, that I wear so often I barely even think about-leggings. Yes, leggings as pants, leggings as everything.

L&M Company is a Richmond based small business that sells absolutely the most comfortable leggings that I’ve ever owned. They have three styles: the Original Staple, the Signature Comfort, and the Get Active. You need all three.

stapleL&M Company launched when I was newly postpartum with my first child. I still hadn’t lost the baby weight and was feeling a bit self conscious. These leggings saved me. The Staple is a thicker legging that is meant to be worn as part of a “going out” outfit, and can be dressed up for a night out, or dressed down to be more casual for work or other outings. They suck your stomach in and the waist actually stays up all day without the awkward “pull n hitch”. When nothing else fit me, these leggings made me feel confident to go out on dates with my husband, or for a girls night, while feeling a bit like the “old me.”

So you can’t really see the leggings here, but I’m too comfy!

The Signature Comfort is the definition of comfortable. I have two pairs of these, and am debating getting a third, because they just released a new color! These leggings also stay up without having to fiddle and pull on them all day. They are thiner than the Staple, but are full coverage-no see through panties here! These leggings are super soft and super easy to move in. I could wear them all day long without feeling like I was in tight leggings. They easily go from lounging around the house to going out for a drink at a local brewery with Kermit. (Or maybe that’s just me, but you get the idea.)

get activeThe Get Active is the last of the collection that I bought. I felt that I had enough workout leggings, I even wore the Signature Comfort to yoga sometimes, so why did I need to get another pair? After a few months of wearing my Comfort and Staple leggings and having them hold up so well to wear I figured I should just go ahead and round out my collection. They are breathable without being flimsy and I can move easily in them. Once again, these stay up throughout your workout. I also really like the blue color.

I really love all of these leggings, and I love the fact that this is a local (to Richmond) company. I’m all about supporting local business, whether that be the Midland Farmer’s Market, or something more local to my home state. I’m currently almost 20 weeks pregnant again and these leggings are still my favorites. I’ve retired the Staple (for now) but the Signature Comfort is just as comfy as ever, and the Get Active is one of the only pairs of non-maternity leggings I have that I can wear for long periods without feeling like my belly is getting squeezed. I highly recommend this brand and I’m so excited to see what they come out with next!


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