Midland Beer Garden

We were totally spoiled in Birmingham with all the dog friendly spots. Bham had shopping, breweries, (and more breweries, and even more breweries) restaurants, events, and more, where Kermit was welcomed with lots of pets, and doggie treats. One of my first goals when we moved to Midland was to find places where we could take Kermit out with us.

Midland Beer Garden is one of the first places we found, and we love it! It’s a beer garden that also has actual green houses, with beautiful flowers that you can enjoy as you sip some beer or wine (yes, they also have wine!). It’s located off Highway 80, so we definitely can’t walk to it, but I’ve quickly learned that Midland is much less walkable than Bham in general, so it’s no big deal.

efcc6b86-f2d0-47a4-9665-02771e211305Midland Beer Garden has a large variety of beer. They offer craft beer, as well as Bud Light, and even gluten free ciders. The last time we went, Phil and I ordered a Pineapple Upside Down Beer-a combination Blue Moon and ACE Pineapple Cider. It was refreshing, and not too sweet.

Food is also served, and you can get everything from light snacks, to a full on meal. Tacos, nachos, and BBQ are popular menu items, which, I’ve quickly learned, is common in West Texas.

There is plenty of seating-we like to sit in the green house and be near the plants, but it does get more hot/humid in there than outside where you can feel the breeze. Near the entrance, there is a large turtle who sometimes pops up from his hiding spot to be fed (Kermit, however, is not a fan).

For us, the best part about this beer garden is how dog friendly it is. They have dog treats at the bar and plenty of dog water bowls to make sure that your furry family members stay hydrated in the Texas heat.

On the first Thursday of every month, Midland Beer Garden offers a Yappy Hour. This is hosted by the Midland Humane Coalition and Freelance Rescuers. You can get your dog microchipped for only $20. If your dog is already chipped, you can have them scan it just to be sure that the chip is still in the right place and easily found.

Kermit was ready to hunt for some eggs!

So far, we have only been able to make it to one Yappy Hour, and it was such a blast! In addition to microchipping, there was also a doggie Easter egg hunt. Dogs got to sniff around to find eggs filled with treats and toys. Soul’s Pit Crew was there as well taking Easter pictures of dogs. It was so much fun to get out of the house with Kermit like we used to do so often at home in Birmingham.

Midland Beer Garden is a popular place, and if you’re new to Midland (like us!) and have yet to check it out, I highly recommend it. It’s already a favorite of ours and I can see it being our go-to in the winter as well when we can sit in the green house. And, yes, it’s also human kid friendly, though they are not allowed past 9:00 at night (our human kid is fast asleep by then anyway). In my experience, dogs are usually better behaved, so don’t be that guy and let your kids run wild; so, as always, make sure you’re keeping an eye on your human kid as well as your fur babies. Cheers!

Kermit’s Easter picture.

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