More Oils and a Hair Mask

So since moving to Midland one thing that I’ve definitely needed to adjust to is the humidity-or lack thereof. It’s “only” gotten into the 80s here so far (I know it will get much hotter in the summer) but it really hasn’t felt that bad outside, especially in the shade. The humidity here generally hovers around 50% or less so when you move to the shade, you actually feel cooler. Unlike Birmingham which was like living in a sauna from May-October.

That said, it is super dry here and my hair and skin are already feeling it! I’m trying to up my water intake even more, but I’ve also found some oils that have really helped keep my skin and hair from shriveling up and becoming brittle.

f9bf7544-03a3-4c39-a71b-ec9736ceb9e3My hair is wavy/curly and can definitely get unruly, especially if it’s not moisturized. I’ve started using hair masks and wow do I notice a difference! I’ve done a few and so far the masks with argan oil seem to work the best for me. I know I’ve written about the magic of argan oil before, it really is an amazing head to toe product! I like the one time use hair masks-they can be a bit pricey (this single use mask goes for about $2 at Target) but I like to mix up my masks. I found that it’s best if you shower and shampoo as normal (I don’t wash my hair every day but I make sure to do this one a shampoo day). The very last thing you do in the shower is put on your hair mask. Just apply like conditioner and use the entire package. It will be a lot. I put my wet, mask soaked, hair into a high bun with either an elastic or a hair clip, then I cover it with a plastic bag and tie the ends around the nape of my neck (Yes, I probably need to invest in a shower cap.) I secure the whole thing with a wide headband. I go to sleep with this odd hair ensemble and then shower again, no shampoo, just rinsing the mask out, when I wake up. I like to let my hair air dry, but you could also blow dry it if that’s your thing. Once my hair is dry it’s the softest, sleekest ever. Seriously, I’m talking smoother than salon smooth. I try to do this once every other week or so and I’m already seeing a difference.

257eee4a-08db-4fb3-ace3-c09039ef18f2While I’m still an argan oil fan, my new favorite oil is Derma E Vitamin E Oil. I found this at a nearby natural grocery story (a pleasant surprise find in Midland, TX!) but you can get it at some Walgreens stores or order it online. I use this on my face morning and night-it’s been about two weeks and my skin is already looking brighter. Vitamin E is said to help your skin combat the signs of aging, as well as brighten up sun spots, scars, and helps soften skin. I wrote a bit about my skin routine here, and I’ve added oil as my last step at night. It does make my skin a bit shiny at first but it sinks in throughout the night and I wake up glowing. Since it’s so dry in Midland, I do mix a little bit of this in with my oil-free TJ’s lotion in the morning before I put on my sunscreen. It doesn’t make my face as shiny when it’s mixed with lotion but I still get that extra bit of moisturizer.

ed2618fb-437c-4630-98d6-48bf77467286Last, but not least, is sweet almond oil. I started using this daily over a year ago when I first got pregnant and I’ve been using it ever since. This definitely came in handy when I was “big pregnant” and I used it to moisturize the bump. Now, I put a few drops in my regular lotion after my shower for extra moisturizer. It helps keep my skin soft, but doesn’t leave me feeling greasy as just straight oil does (though sometimes I’ll just use it straight if my skin is extra dry). You can get this at Target for about $7.00.


All of these products are cruelty free! What are your favorite skin care products?

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