Wicked River


Wicked River  by Jenny Milchman is a fast paced, adventurous, but light read. A friend passed this book along to me a few months ago, and when I finally got around to reading it recently, I couldn’t put it down!

Doug and Natalie are newlyweds who decide to go on a camping trip in the Adirondack Mountains for their honeymoon. (For the record: this sounds like my nightmare. I enjoy need creature comforts, and mimosas while camping, glamping, ok I just like tailgating in RVs.) As the week goes on, Doug and Natalie need to lean on each other to survive in their environment. Not only are they discovering things about each other as newlyweds, Doug may be hiding something that makes Natalie question the man she thought she married.

While Doug and Natalie are on their honeymoon, someone else who has made his home in the woods is watching them, and he is desperate for company.

Wicked River shifts points of view throughout the book, which kept up the suspense chapter by chapter. Readers got to see through Doug and Natalie’s eyes, the eyes of Natalie’s niece, who is trying hard to be mature and grown up, the eyes of the mysterious stranger in the woods, and others. I enjoyed getting to see each different point of view, and it kept me hooked and wanting to get to the next chapter where I could find out what happened to each character.

With a little bit of mystery, lots of suspense, and some sweet moments, this book is a great quick read.

ec6b237a-d6e2-4ea1-a936-0a65bfb33f4eWine Pairing: Dark Horse Rosé

This book is a perfect summer/almost summer read. It’s not too heavy, it’s fun, it’s a nice escape from everyday life-much like this rosé. This wine is crisp and fruity, but not sweet. You can’t take it too seriously and it’s the perfect wine to relax with outside in the shade with a not-so-serious book. I picked it up from our local Albertsons Market for only $7.99. (No, I’d never heard of Albertsons until we moved here, but I’m sure you can find this in a grocery store near you.) It’s almost officially summer, so kick back with this refreshing rosé and enjoy Wicked River. Cheers!


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