Quick Update

967623e7-ad2b-48a9-818f-106068fdea8fHello Friends!

So it’s been awhile. I know I’ve been totally slacking. I thought I’d post a quick update on what’s been going on (for those of you who might not know) before I dive back into business as usual.

Our family has officially moved to Texas! We are now in West Texas, specifically, Midland. (You can google it, I’ll wait.)

Phil was transferred here for his job and we all made the move in early April. Things have happened rather quickly since then. We are in temporary housing for now, and we move into our new house at the end of May. We’re still somewhat settling in, and I know we’ll have another transition at the end of the month, but overall it’s gone as smoothly as I think it could have. While on blog hiatus, I’ve been helping house hunt, clean and paint said house, get Mim and Kermit settled, and try to find the local hot spots. This time around, we are hiring people to help us with the bigger cleaning and painting projects before we move in so we only have to do the smaller stuff. (Did you know it’s much harder to get a house move-in ready by yourself with an 8 month old?) However, it’s still been a process.

So far, Midland has been pretty good. The climate is definitely hot but it’s also very dry, which really isn’t too bad. I’ve heard it described as “walking outside into an oven, not into a dishwasher” which is surprisingly accurate. I’ll take oven hot over dishwasher hot any day. Kermit has been adjusting well. We’ve found some fun dog activities and dog parks nearby that he’s been loving.

We’re definitely still adjusting but I feel settled enough to start blogging again. Thank you for bearing with me while I took a break to figure out our new life. I’ll get back to posting every Wednesday. I’ve been reading some great books I just can’t wait to share! I’ve also found some cool products that have really made a difference (especially in this new climate), and for those local to the area (or anyone who fancies a vacation to West Texas…?) I’ve found some cool spots worth visiting. Though I’m pretty sure Birmingham wins the “Most Dog Friendly City Ever” award, there are dog friendly places everywhere if you look hard enough.

I look forward to getting back to it. Talk soon! ❤


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