Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


This book was another one of my book club reads. Something I wouldn’t necessarily pick up on my own, but I ended up getting sucked into it and loving it.

Eleanor Oliphant is Complete Fine is about a woman, Eleanor, who doesn’t quite fit in. She is a quirky character who has a does things her own way, and doesn’t much seem to notice, nor care, how others perceive her. She doesn’t understand social norms, and thinks that others are odd, and that she is generally better than the people she encounters. When she went to buy a laptop, the clerk asked her what she’d be using the computer for, in order to provide her with the best one. She snapped that it was none of his business, thinking him rude. When Eleanor orders pizza in, she is miffed that it arrives in a box and the delivery man doesn’t carry a pepper grinder to flavor it for her.

Eleanor has a complicated relationship with her mother, and a past that is slowly revealed throughout the book. Eleanor decides that she has fallen in love and begins to take the necessary steps to meet the object of her affection, a singer with whom she becomes obsessed. Along the way, she befriends a normal guy from her office and he helps her in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Slightly predictable, and very funny, I really enjoyed this one. The best part is getting into Eleanor’s head and seeing the world through her eyes. She is somewhat similar to Don, from The Rosie Project.

f4402bc0-7f82-4400-b4e4-e6e161a946c7Wine Pairing: Trader Joe’s Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

While Eleanor’s drink of choice is vodka, I chose a Sauvignon Blanc to go with this book. There are definitely more heavy undertones to the book, but the overall feel is mostly light, and it’s a pretty easy read. This wine is light, crisp, and fruity, which goes well with Eleanor’s quirkiness. You can pick some up at Trader Joe’s for about $6.99. Cheers!


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