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The easiest way to decorate your house and make it feel more like a home is to put up some pictures. I love seeing pictures of families displayed in homes, I think they make it feel warm and welcoming, like hey, we live here! It’s also a great way to display memories. A good picture frame makes any picture look its best and really turns it into art.

I love a picture gallery. I think it’s a classy and beautiful way to display pictures. Our house has two hallways that were perfect for gallery walls. After spending time pouring over pinterest ideas, I decided to go for it.

hallway pics pracI started with two seven piece gallery sets from Wayfair. I chose white because it matched our hallway the best, and I wanted nice bright frames. I then chose the best pictures that represented our family that I wanted to display first. I ordered them in different sizes from
to match the frames. I fit thehallway pics prac 2pictures in and laid them all out in the living room so I could see the sizes and space they would take up and what it would actually look like. We had just recently painted our hallway so I didn’t want to mess it up by hammering in a bunch of holes. Once I had them in the approximate way I wanted, I turned to the walls. One of the best things about the picture frames was that they came with real size paper cutouts of the frames so that you could tape them to the wall beforehand so you can see how much space they would take up and what it would really look like. It also came with a sample arrangement for the gallery which is what I ended up going with for one of the walls. This was super helpful, especially for someone like me who likes to rearrange. I taped up the paper frames to where I wanted, then used a pencil to put holes where the actual frames would go. Then I hung up the frames. framesframes2I think it made our hallways look more polished. Since first hanging everything this summer I’ve already swapped out some pictures to include our new daughter and our growing family. I still want to maybe add more frames with pictures of our parents and grandparents and other extended family to give them a place in our home. The best thing about a gallery wall is that it can always be changed and added to as time goes on. It’s really easy to swap out pictures, and since the frames I chose were basic white, it will be easy to find more of the same if I want to add more pictures. How do you like to display your pictures?


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