Trick or Trot

trick or trot2

Since we’re talking about things I love, Trick or Trot ranks high on that list, it has it all: dogs, running, Halloween, costumes, and Bloody Marys. trick or trot3

I ran cross country in high school and have loved running ever since. I love running to clear my head and get away for awhile. I love pushing myself to beat my previous race times, and I love seeing what my body can do if I work hard. I also have a bit of a competitive streak and I try to beat out the people around me. As much as running is individual, it’s also a great team sport in that everyone is supportive of one another. I love the comradery of running a race, and the support of those cheering us on. I try to do as many races as I can. I like the challenge and feeling of accomplishment of a long race like a half marathon or a 10 miler. I also like 5Ks because they are quick, easy, and I don’t have to train specifically for them, I can just go and run.

Trick or Trot is a 5K that takes place every year a couple weeks before Halloween. Runners start at Sloss Furnace and run down to Trim Tab Brewery, where there are complimentary half way point beers, then run back. Costumes are encouraged and there are prizes for the best costumes, as well as prizes for the fastest runners. Upon completion, there is an after party at Sloss with Trim Tab beer, endless Bloody Marys, and snacks.

1st trick or trot
Count Kermicula’s first race.

I first ran the Trick or Trot in 2015, about 4 months after I moved to Birmingham. Kermit was about 6 months at the time and he ran with me. Because he was so little, our race was more of  a run/walk, but it was still fun. Kermit is a great running partner now, he even placed 2nd dog one year! He is funny in that he will not run with me if I’m just going for a run, but get him in a race situation and he takes off! I think he enjoys the race environment-so do I!

This year’s Trick or Trot takes place across from Sloss Furnaces at Back 40 Brewery. It seems like it will be a bit different this year, the post race party will be at the brewery, there will be food and participants will receive tickets for 2 free beers (unsure on the status of the Bloody Marys). We’ll be there this year, dressed in our Halloween best!

trick or trot
Last year’s Trick or Trot

Proceeds from the Trick or Trot go toward Kid One Transport, which is an orginazation that helps children and pregnant women get to their doctor appointments.  You can sign up for this year’s Trick or Trot here.

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