A Secret History of Witches

A Secret History of Witches
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Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I’ve loved everything about it since I was a little girl. The decorations, the costumes, the crisp fall air, the spooky feeling that seems to linger in the evenings, and the magic of the night have always captivated me. So, in the spirit of October, I’m reviewing A Secret History of Witches. It’s not scary, but a fun, light read and I was totally hooked.

A Secret History of Witches follows several generations of women. Witchcraft is passed down from mother to daughter, though each woman is blessed with varying degrees of power. Each new generation must figure out how to use their craft, all while keeping it a secret.

The story seamlessly transitioned between generations and I loved how all the women were connected. It lets you really get to know each witch and I was always a bit sad when that part of the story ended and moved on to the next generation.

This book drew me in with strong female characters and I felt like I could relate to how they responded to their situations. The overall theme is relationships, especially mother/daughter relationships, and I loved seeing how they played out throughout the book.

Wine pairing: Sei Amici Dolce Rosso Lambrusco Dell’Emilia

sparkling red

With fall in full swing, it’s still in the 90s here-yuck. I chose this wine because it’s a red wine, but it’s sparkling and served chilled, which is perfect for this southern autumn heat. I’d heard of sparkling red wines before, but was always skeptical that they would be too sweet. This wasn’t too sweet, it tasted just like a smooth, fruity, red wine, that was chilled and sparkling. The bubbles made it seem more fun, and the chill was refreshing. It fit perfectly with this fun, fall read. You can find it at Total Wines for about $7.50. Cheers, witches!


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