Chow Crockpot Turkey

Cook me foods!

When I first started supplementing Kermit’s dry food, I would add a scrambled egg every once in awhile, or throw in some chopped peppers or carrots. I always made sure to Google “Is __________ safe for dogs?” first. Eventually, in my quest for more information regarding dog nutrition, I found this book, Chow: Simple Ways to Share the Foods You Love with the Dogs You Love by Rick Woodford. It has a ton of information on dog nutrition, which foods are safe for dogs, and a lot of recipes to

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make for your furry best friend. I’m a total recipe person. I like to measure out my ingredients and I like to know exactly how much to add in and when to add it. (The opposite of my husband, who is always just whipping up meals from something he just “found” in the kitchen-what?!) I started using Chow to cook treats for Kermit, and I tried out different recipes to top off his dry food. After using it for awhile, I became more confident in how to make food for Kermit, and relied less on exact recipes (which was slightly easier for me to do when cooking for Kermit-he always usually loves what I make him). If you’re interested in learning more, definitely check out the book.

Kermit loves the turkey quinoa recipe, but sometimes I don’t have all the right ingredients, so I improvise. Here is my latest version, Kermit approved.


1 lb ground turkey

1 cup quinoa

green beans


handful of blueberries*

We had a lot of blueberries in the fridge and Kermit loves them. They’re a great source of antioxidants and vitamins.

Chop the vegetables well. Put the turkey, veggies, and blueberries in the crockpot. I cooked it on high for 2 hours because I was short on time before dinner. After it’s done, cook the quinoa separately. 1 cup quinoa gets 2 cups water, boil, and simmer until the water is evaporated.

When everything is well cooked, mix the quinoa into the crockpot. Cool off and serve to your dog!  I give Kermit 1/2 cup of dry food and 1/2 cup of homemade food for breakfast and dinner.

crockpot turkey 2In retrospect, I may have added the blueberries in later instead of cooking them with the vegetables and turkey; once it was all cooked they kind of broke down, hence the blue tinge in the finished quinoa. How do you cook for your dog? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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