I discovered LUSH cosmetics about six months ago when I was searching for cruelty free makeup and skin care options, and they quickly became one of my favorite makeup and skin care lines. LUSH drew me in with their cruelty free message, but their makeup looks great, and their skin care smells amazing. They’re famous for their bath bombs, but they have so much more to offer. Here is my latest stash:

Salted coconut hand scrub smells like straight coconut. It’s gritty and leaves my hands feeling super soft – just what I like in a scrub. It’s also not too gritty that it hurts. I’ve used a small amount on my face as a facial scrub and it’s worked well too, leaving my face feeling smooth and refreshed. I don’t really have sensitive skin, so for those that do, I probably wouldn’t use this as a face scrub.

I’ve been using this body lotion at night, mainly just on my hands and arms so that it lasts longer and so I can smell it as I go to sleep. It’s creamy and moisturizing, but doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. I feel so luxurious and it smells so amazing and relaxing. It’s the perfect end to my nighttime routine.

This was my first time using cuticle butter and I love it! It really does smell like lemon. I have an awful habit of biting around my nails. It’s gross but it’s something I’m working on doing less. Keeping my hands, especially around my nails, super moisturized helps keep my skin soft and makes me less likely to pick at it (I know-eww). I love how this cuticle butter smells and how soft it makes my nail beds. I’ve used a cuticle oil before and liked it, but the oils can be too…oily. This is less intense but moisturizes just as well. I apply it at night after using the Karma Kream lotion on my hands. I only use a little for all of my nails-it goes a long way!

lush lip:cheek stainLip/cheek color: Perspective My sample looks messy because I use it All. The. Time. I’m pretty minimal with my make up in general. I don’t usually wear a lot, and I don’t really carry it with me. LUSH lip and cheek color is really the best because it doubles as both a lipstick and a blush. It’s subtle, but not too subtle that you don’t notice it. I put a few dots on my cheeks and blend for a pink glow/so I don’t look like a pale vampire zombie during the day. I also swipe it on my lips for a neutral but still semi fancy lipstick. I go sparingly during the day, but sometimes add more at night to be a bit more dramatic. I love this stain because it fits so easily in my purse and I can use it to touch up throughout the day.

lush eyeshadowEyeshadow: Focus This is another one of my favorites. It’s a cream eyeshadow and super easy to put on.Not being a make up person, quick and easy is big for me-this is both. I dab some on my eyes and blend it in with my ring finger. The gray is the perfect neutral (notice a pattern here?) to wear day or night. Sometimes, if I want a more dramatic look, I use this from my eyelid to my brow line (I do a very light coat) and then go over it with different powder eye shadow and it stays on all night long. I like that this goes with every look and is easy and quick to use and travel with.

*Not Pictured*

Plum Rain body wash. Smells AMAZING and lathers up really well in the shower. I always feel super luxurious and clean whenever I use it.

These are only a few of my current LUSH obsessions. What are your favorite beauty products? Share in the comments!


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