Bedroom Oasis

guest room 2

When we first moved into our house, we naively thought we wouldn’t have to paint it. I think I had on rose-colored glasses for the first few months after we moved. After awhile, I began noticing more and more imperfections-especially regarding paint.

Our designated guest bedroom was a mess. It was a neutral tan color. There were black scuffs everywhere, small nail holes, and chunks missing in the walls. Upon closer inspection, we also realized that the room originally had been wallpapered, and somewhere along the line, someone just painted over it, and it was slightly peeling.

By far, it was the worst room in the house, but we left it along for about a year and a half, figuring that we rarely had guests so it didn’t really matter. Finally, we decided to just bite the bullet and repaint it. Painting is tedious and hard work, but it’s the best way to completely change up a room on a budget.

Here’s how we went about it:

doors and baseboards paint
Behr Ultra white semi glos


behr blue paint
Behr Ultra permafrost matte

We wanted our guest room to have a calming vibe, so we decided on a very pale blue, with bright white trim. We used Behr paint from Home Depot. We chose matte permafrost for the walls. The trim and doors  in houses are usually painted glossier than the walls; semi-gloss is the most popular. Semi-gloss reflects light and makes the trim pop out from the walls. It’s fairly shiny easy to wipe up scuffs and marks. We chose Behr ultra pure white semi-gloss paint.


  1. Fill in any holes  and imperfections with caulk.
  2. Sand anything you have filled in so that everything is level, and you have a smooth surface to paint.
  3. Use painters tape to tape off the trim before you paint the walls.
  4. Start painting! Use a paintbrush to paint around the trim, windows, and in any corners or small spaces.
  5. Use a roller brush to evenly paint the walls. Make sure you coat the brush evenly, but don’t use too much paint or it may splatter.
  6. WAIT in between coats. The paint directions say 1 hour to dry, 2 to recoat. We ended up waiting 24 hours or longer to recoat since we did this over a series of several weekends.
  7. Paint your second coat, evaluate and see if you need a third coat.
  8. Once walls are dry,  peel away tape and get ready to paint the trim and doors. Put painters tape on the walls so you don’t ruin your new paint job.
  9. Sand the trim and the doors to get the sheen off of them.
  10. Paint! I used a medium brush to paint the trim and doors.
  11. WAIT in between coats.
  12. Paint your second coat.
  13. Peel away painters tape. You may have to touch up some of the paint if it leaked through like ours.

guest bedroom messed up floor 3A tip: We have an old house and the floor edges aren’t lined up perfectly, and we had some paint leak through the tape and get onto the wood floors. I went back with a flathead screwdriver and scraped the dried paint off the floors and out of the crevices. Then I touched up the blue and white paint using a small brush. I was literally on my hands and knees crawling around scraping and painting. It took a couple of hours, but it made a big difference in the edges of the room.guest bedroom floor fixed

Learn from our mistakes!

guest bedroom messed up floor 2We were lazy and did not sand before we painted the trim and doors. Because they were already painted with a glossy finish, not sanding was a critical mistake. The new paint wouldn’t adhere properly to the previously glossy paint, so when I took off the painters tape, it peeled off the new paint along with it! I had to repaint it-and it still peels easily! So definitely take the time to sand first. It will be annoying and time consuming, but it’s 100% worth it to not have to deal with the later frustration of constantly retouching.

New curtains added more color dimensions and broke up the light blue, and a candle adds calming ambiance. I use lavender scented candles in all of the bedrooms. Overall, I’m very pleased with the result. If I were to do anything differently, it would definitely be to sand the trim and doors beforehand, but now we know! Let me know how your paint projects turn out!

(One of my next projects is to redo the black vanity that was my great grandmothers, but I have a feeling it will be while before I take that on…)


One thought on “Bedroom Oasis

  1. I have had the pleasure of staying in that bedroom oasis and I must say that it truly is a wonderful getaway. The calm soothing color on the walls and the beautiful curtains and bedding make the space so soothing and calming that I truly enjoyed my experience there. What a wonderful tranquil environment to stay in.


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