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I used to have a Nook. Technically, I still have it, but it’s kind of stopped working. So I’ve gone back to the olden days of reading actual books. While it’s annoying to have to flip through real paper pages to find something I missed, I do enjoy it more than reading on a nook or a tablet. I also love to read over my husband’s shoulder on his tablet. Finally, he let me borrow it, saying that he had gotten a free book on his kindle app that he thought I’d like, Neighborly, by Ellie Monago.

I’d define Neighborly as a classic summer beach read: kind of trashy, not super well written, but interesting enough to keep reading. Neighborly is about a young couple with a baby who move into a small house in an “it” neighborhood. They are welcomed with a barbecue and quickly get to know their neighbors. Kat, wife and new mother, gets to know some of the women in the neighborhood and feels more and more skeptical about how friendly everyone is, especially when some threatening letters start showing up at her door. Her husband, Doug, is loving their new ‘hood and is set on staying there to make it their permanent home. Surely the letters are a prank or a misunderstanding.

 Neighborly is like a whole book of neighborhood drama. It’s a quick read and fast paced. It’s not going to win any awards but it kept me interested and was enjoyable. Perfect for the last weekend of summer.

Wine Pairing: Espiral Vinho Rosé

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Since Neighborly is a summer read, I paired it with one of my favorite summer wines, Espiral Vinho Rosé. This rosé is made in Portugal, and you can get it at Trader Joe’s for $4.99. It’s refreshing and not too sweet at all-perfect for summer barbecues, or just reading about neighborhood gossip.

So grab a copy of Neighborly, and pour yourself some rosé, today!

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