Spruced Up Deck Chairs

The former owners of our hose left us some furniture behind. We were happy to have it since we didn’t have much furniture, especially outdoor furniture, but some of it needed a definite “pick me up.”

chairs before
Leftover deck chairs

I knew these deck chairs could be brought back to life again, with minimal cost and effort.


409 All Purpose Cleaner/any kind of soap or cleaner

Plastic Covering

3-4 Bottles of Spray Paint

blue spray paint
can adhere to wood and plastic


1. Wash chairs really well. Hose them off, use your soap or spray to get them really clean.

2. Leave the chairs to dry, or towel dry them if you want.

3. Set up your paint area. I didn’t have any plastic covering, so I laid out trash bags in our carport and taped them down with duct tape.

4. Once chairs are DRY, spray on your first coat.

5. WAIT an hour

6. Spray your second coat. Wait and repeat for 3rd or 4th coat.

7. WAIT at least 24 hours before using

chairs after
“New” deck chairs!

Some tips:

I used Rustoleum spray paint because it adheres to plastic, so just make sure whatever paint you choose can adhere to your chair’s material. We live super close to Home Depot so I get most of my supplies there, but you can also find it at Lowes, or even Walmart.

Make sure to follow the directions on the spray paint bottle, definitely shake well.

As tempting as it is (at least it was for me), don’t spray the paint too close to the chairs or there will be too much paint in one spot and it will drip down.

If you do get paint drips, wipe them away (I just used my hands and washed them right afterwards) and respray on your next coat to even it out.

I did 3-4 coats since the blue was light and I was trying to cover a dark green and brown, you might need less (or more) coats depending on what color you’re covering. I also bought a lot of spray paint because it wasn’t super expensive and I figured it was better to have extra I could either use to touch up, or just return.

It might be worth it to look into a clear coat finishing spray for after you paint. It’s been a year since I redid our chairs and some of the blue has started chipping, especially when I clean them. But our chairs are also stored outside with no coverage from weather so that is probably also a factor.

I bought some cute outdoor cushions (also Home Depot) to spruce up the chairs even more, and now they are super cute and comfy!

How do you spruce up your old outdoor furniture? Leave ideas in the comments!

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