Mrs. Meyers Everything

Mrs. Meyers

In my quest to switch to cruelty free products, I found the gloriousness that is Mrs. Meyers. While a bit pricey, the hand soap is $3.99, they smell SO good. My absolute favorite scent is lavender, but the last time I hit up Target they had Mrs. Meyers fall scents on sale so I had to snag some apple cider soaps. The laundry detergent seriously keeps your clothes smelling fresh for days, which is especially nice when a dog shares your bed. All the products work as well as, or better than, other name brands. After I bought my first Mrs. Meyers dish soap and detergent, I spilled oil on my shirt (I don’t even know what I was doing. Cooking?) I read that you should use dish soap to clean the stain before putting it in the wash. I was a bit skeptical that my new hippie dippie soap wouldn’t be able to clean my shirt, but I tried it and then put it all through the wash and it actually worked!

I’m now 100% on this Mrs. Meyers train. You can check out their website here. I buy their products at Target and can sometimes find them in regular grocery stores (we have Publix near me). Happy cleaning!


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