Easy Chicken Meal

Since adopting Kermit my attitude toward dog food has changed. I used to think you just dump dry food in your dog’s bowl twice a day and you’re good. But then I started reading about dog health and the dog food industry, and I learned that the healthiest option for your dog is real food that you would eat yourself. I started supplementing Kermit’s dry food with different healthy options and eventually started making whole food meals for him. He still eats dry food (we use Taste of the Wild) but adding in real food is healthier for him and he also gets more excited about mealtime. I mean-would you want to eat the same dry cereal every day? Here is an easy chicken recipe you can make for your dog-or whole family. This smelled so good that I helped myself to a small bowl (but added some salt for flavor, a no no for dogs).

Ingredients: You can modify the vegetables to whatever is in your fridge. Here is what I happened to use today.

3 chicken breasts

2 cups of brown rice

baby carrots

green beans

grape tomatoes

2 cups water (or chicken stock-low sodium)


Chop up veggies.

chopped veggies
I just eyeballed the veggies and added whatever looked good.

Put chicken and vegetables in crock pot, cook on high for 4 hours.

When the chicken and vegetables are done, cook some instant rice. Pour 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water in a saucepan and boil until the water is absorbed.


Using 2 forks and/or some tongs, shred the chicken.

shredded chicken

Add the cooked rice to the chicken and mix well.

kermit waiting on food
He totally knows it’s for him.

Serve warm but not too hot! I put the remaining meal in tupperware and put it in the fridge. Kermit can go through this in about a week. He is 60 lbs and eats twice a day. We give him 1/2 cup of dry food and 1/2 cup of chicken and rice meal. Sometimes he only eats his real food and will save his dry food for later. You might want to modify the amount you feed your dog depending on age and size.

kermit food bowl
One hungry pup ready for dinner!


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